Women's Initiative

We are continually trying to evolve into a more diverse organization. The 'Women's Iniative' involves trying to get more women involved in our many activities. We work with Women in the Outdoors sponsored by the Wild Turkey Federation and also Casting for Recovery. We have had quite a few women and young girls take our Fly Tying Classes in January and February. Some have also attended the Fourth Wednesday fly tying get togethers. They are also involved in our monthly meetings and the stream cleanups.

Suggestions for types of  activities geared more towards the women in TU are welcome. Leave a comment in the Guest Book or Message Boards section under Women in TU.  Also looking for Board of Directors and Committee Members to help us improve our organization. If you are not a member of TU or our chapter website you may post a comment in our Guestbook as to the types of activities might get you to join and be involved in TU.  Remember, we are not just a fishing club!