President's Quarterly Report

Chapter President's Quarterly Report to State Council.


QUARTERLY REPORT FOR July, 2021- September 30, 2021

Chapter Name: Hokendauqua Trout Unlimited #535

Website: WWW.Hokendauqua Trout Unlimited

Organizational/ Leadership Activities Leadership changes since last report (include phone & email contact info) : none

Fundraising Activities (banquets & other fundraising events): none

Conservation Activities (stream restoration projects & other conservation-related activities): Surveyed Coplay Creek

Educational Activities (TIC programs & other educational activities): Sponsor 3 TIC Programs at local middle schools.

Diversity Initiatives (activities specifically tailored to women participants): To discuss diversity

Grant Opportunities (any grants recently applied for or anticipated for next quarter): see educational activities above

Program Speakers (recommended speakers with program and contact info): none

Issues to report to State Council (any local issues requiring State Council assistance): none


Events to post on the Chapters Calendar for next quarter (meetings, banquets, educational events, stream projects, etc: none


Art Williams, President