President's Quarterly Report

Chapter President's Quarterly Report to State Council.



Chapter Name & No. Hokendauqua Chapter 535

Website: Hokendauqua Trout Unlimited

Organizational/ Leadership Activities
Leadership changes since last report (include phone & email contact info)

Other organizational & administrative activities

Fundraising Activities (banquets & other fundraising events)

Conservation Activities (stream restoration projects & other conservation-related activities) We have scheduled a stream clean-up for Aril on the Hokendauqua Creek.

Educational Activities (TIC programs & other educational activities)We conducted our annual fly tying class. We have been doing this class for over 30 years. This year we had about 34 students. Our course ran each Saturday from January through February for a total of 24 hours of instruction.

We have partnered with 3 TIC programs at local school districts.

We are planning 4 events with our Veterans Service Projects beginning in May and running through September.

We partnered with the other TUs in the Lehigh Valley to put on a program about fishing the Susquehanna River for smallmouth bass. The program was held on March 16 and was attended about 75 people. The program was open to the public.

We are also planning several other events for this summer. We are going to be working with the Boy Scouts on a informational program on fishing. Another program in which we are going to participate is called Jake’s Day and is in cooperation with the Wild Turkey Federation. We will provide a component of fishing of which the kids fish in a pond with our assistance.

  1. are also going to be a part of a local community program to increase the participation of youth in the outdoors. will provide a fishing component.

Diversity Initiatives (activities specifically tailored to women participants) We are in the planning our participation annual Women in the Outdoors in which we teach women about macroinvertebrates and fly fishing. This is an all day which is broken up into hourly classes. The event will be held in June.

Grant Opportunities (any grants recently applied for or anticipated for next quarter)

Program Speakers (recommended speakers with program and contact info)

Issues to report to State Council (any local issues requiring State Council assistance)

Events to post on the Chapters Calendar for next quarter (meetings, banquets, educational events, stream projects, etc.):