Hokendauqua Creek


          Hokendauqua Creek is a 17 mile long tributary of the Lehigh River in Northampton County, PA. It is located at the latitude and longitude coordinates of 40.6767632 and -75.4899055. It flows from its source at the foot of the Blue Mountains above Emanuelsville through the towns and villages of Petersville and Kreidersville and winds around until it eventually flows into the Lehigh River in the Borough of Northampton. Along the way it is added to its flow with waters from Bertsch Creek, Indian Creek and many springs along the way.

          Stoneflies, Caddis and scuds are a few of the numerous amount of aquatic life in this freestone creek. Much of the creek is stocked by the PF&BC. For most of the year there is excellent fishing along the length of the creek. Some areas are private and some areas have ample parking. The Chapter has completed several restoration projects in Northampton and the Kreidersville area. During the hot summer months the water level gets very low in some areas and will not hold trout. There are still some nice holes along its length that will hold trout during this period. 

Reconnection of the Hokendauqua Creek has been completed in the Northampton area by the breaching of the Atlas Dam in 2013. Restoration of the banks and removal of sediment was also performed. More plantings will take place in 2015. The present map shows the dam intact. Below is a recent photo.



Hokendauqua Creek Map