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conditions, etc.


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Hokey is still cold. Opening day water was a cold 37F. Saturday was 44F and yesterday not any better, it dropped to 42F. 

Here are links to a generalized Hatch Chart for PA rivers and streams

and a Streamflow Conditions Table:


PA Hatch Chart


Statewide Streamflow Current Conditions Table

Report from Dave Abraham on 1/11/2015:

Good afternoon nymphing. Picked up 6 
browns 11-13 inches all on gray scud or 
orange scud patterns.

Had some time Super Bowl Sunday to hit the Monocacy in the park. Caught two browns and a heron, all on a gray scud. The first brown as I was taking him out of the water a heron comes up from behind me and grabs the trout. Now this bird has a fish with the hook in his mouth and my dropper snagged the heron's wing. At the end the trout got away and I left behind a depressed bird. Both trout and bird were not hurt.

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I sampled the brodhead recently and fished this evening. 

Following are my observations:

Sulfurs (Ephemerella invaria) #14 and little Yellow Sally stoneflies (Isoperla) have been hatching in good umbers on smaller streams.

Nymphs of Larger Blue Winged Olives (Drunella cornuta) #14 are abundant and will be emerging soon - mornings except for rainy days when they may extend into afternoon.

large Slate Drakes (Isonychia bicolor) were observed this evening at about 8:30 - also some Light cahills (Maccaffertium ithaca).

Small dark caddis (Chimarra) #18 and some larger tan sedge caddis (Hydropsyche) are hatching.

Let's all do a rain dance - water is low and getting warm on the lower Brodhead.

Don Baylor

See Ash Creek Report posted by Eric Baird


Fished the Trico spinner fall Sunday morning August 2nd. Little fish rising to tric's so I decided to relocate and fish nymphs in pocket water. It sure did pay off. 3 wild browns over 12'' and a rainbow hen about 16. Pattern I used was a pattern I came up with. Had one take the same pattern Tuesday evening.. I wish I would have retied the pattern on. He ripped me off.

Fished the Hokey from 1:30 to 3:30 this afternoon. Picked up 2 rainbows, 2 browns and 1 brook. Fished a size 12 red fox squirrel nymph. 

Fished the Hokey Sunday morning May 22,2016. Fished 1 nymph pattern and it was the march brown pattern that will be the next "Fly of the Quarter" in the next newsletter. I had to be a the school at 10;30 so I only had 70 minutes to fish. Caught 3 rainbows all on the MB nymph. Gray Fox were emerging so it was the right pattern.