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A new version of the newsletter is now found on its own page. It is in interactive presentation format. The new Printable Version will be on its own page also. See the In This Section on the left. There is also a new Newsletter Archive page also listed to the left.


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'Hokey Rises' should be published each quarter. March, June, September and December are the months it will be posted. Anyone wanting to put an article in the newsletter should send it to hokeytu@hotmail.com

To view the newsletter right click on the Edition and select 'Open in New Window' for best results. There will only be a Newsletter for each Quarter if there is enough content. The Calendar of Events will no longer be in the newsletter as they are already located elsewhere on the website when the information is given to the website administrator.


2017: Winter  Spring  Summer  Fall


2016: Spring   Summer   Fall


2015: Winter   Spring   Summer   Fall


2014 : Spring


2013:  Fall   Summer   Spring


2012:  Winter   Fall   Summer   Spring


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