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Any comments, suggestions or questions on the new website? ?  There will also be instructions on performing different functions on the websites.The website is constantly being updated and corrections are being made. Check back often for new content or updates. Let us know if there is anything you would like added to the site. Please check for and delete any posts you have made  that are old and no longer relevant. 


It is recommended that prior to joining the

National and Chapter sites you view the video

 Introduction to TU's New Website

and also read the

Getting Started Guide.


Non TU Members can join this site and be able to post in some areas. Just click on the 'Join' button in the upper right. All that is needed is an email address. TU will reply with a link to where you can complete the process with a password. Some portions of the site will not be available for input. You will then be able to fully access both this site and the National site.


Click here for instructions on the website:

Website Primer

Don't forget to go to the National site and join 'Hokendauqua Project Healing Waters', 'Joint Lehigh Valley Chapters' and' Pennsylvania - 9PA' Groups along with any other groups you would like to join. You are automatically put in the 'Hokendauqua - 535' group if you join this website. Go to the big map and add your water flow stations and favorite places. Add Events, Blogs and Discussions. The two sites are here for your benifit.  Explore them and take advantage of the many possibilities they offer.

When creating content on the Chapter site, don't forget to go to the National Website, place cursor on head/shoulders icon, and select View My Posts. All the items you posted should be there. Open the one you just posted and click on Edit (to the right of the title). You can then go to the left side of the screen and click on the boxes of the Groups where you would like the Post to display.Events are automatically deleted from the chapter site's 'Calendar of Events' after occurance but not the National site. Go to your 'View My Posts' and delete them so the site doesn't get cluttered with old info.

If you use Google Calendar, you can add our Chapter's calendar to your's. Open your Calendar. On the left side, click on the down arrow at Other Calendars and select Add A Friend's Calendar. Then enter '' for the Contact Email. Make sure it is selected to display. 

Hokendauqua Chapter Site Spotlighted on National's website in the Chapter Wiki Tools section. Click on link to view it. The Wiki Tools also has some helpful tips on Navigating the Websites.