Hokey Rises Quarterly Newsletter - Printable

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Previous copies of the newsletter are found on Newsletter Archive page.


Click on the Full Screen Icon at the bottom to view in a larger format.



There are several procedures used to open the newsletter in book mode or two page spread (the best way to read it).. All require the newsletter to be downloaded to your PC. To do this, scroll to the bottom and click on the menu icon. Download the newsletter to your computer.

The first procedure is to open 'with MS Edge' the file you downloaded and select full screen. Right click on the screen and select 'show toolbar' if not already showing. Click on the icon which is sixth from the right  in upper right corner (will say Layout when cursor is hovered on it). Now select Two Page Layout and also make sure Show Cover Page Seperately is on. You can now read it in a two page format the same as a magazine would be read. This is not a page flip procedure. This shows items which are displayed across two consecutive pages.

The next is if you download the 'Nook' app on a windows 10 PC you can do a right click on file name and select  'Open With - Nook' . This will also open in book format but does not do page flip.

I think this to be the best  option: If you are using Google Chrome as your web browser, do a one time download of the ‘3D PDF Viewer’ app from Googles webstore under Google Apps. Then click on its icon which should be displayed on the Google Apps page. Click on ‘Open pdf’. Select the file that you downloaded the newsletter to and click on the newsletter’s filename. The newsletter should open in a two page format. Click on right or left edge of page or use displayed arrows to advance or return.