Hokendauqua Chapter 'Coplay Creek Project'


     WCO Lee Creyer had informed the Hokendauqua Chapter of Trout Unlimited that the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission (PF&BC) was to have a meeting within the Hokendauqua Park and Playground Association (HPPA) at 11:30 a.m. on Tuesday, March 12. The main entrance to the park is in the Hokendauqua portion of Whitehall Township on Lehigh Street about two blocks east of Route 145. The Coplay Creek runs through the park area. The lower end of the park area is owned by the HPPA. The upper portion is owned by Whitehall Township. Upon arrival the agenda was uncertain. About eight members of the Hokendauqua Chapter, Lee Creyer and three members of the PF&BC's Division of Habitat Management were in attendance. Apparently the HPPA had made inquiries as to what could be done to help the park with problems it has due to the Coplay Creek. A survey of the creek that morning pointed out such things as bank erosion, deposition and poor habitat. The Hokendauqua Chapter stepped forward and agreed to sign for the PF&BC to design a plan for that stretch.

          The plan has been received by the Hokendauqua Chapter. The plan calls for 105 tons of 12" - 18" rock, 27 logs of different diameters and lengths, 67 rebar pins, 35 oak boards, etc. The plan breaks the project into 19 different parts. It has been shared with Whitehall Township and the HPPA. The township has verbally agreed to supply equipment and operator in support. The HPPA is preparing several documents to allow the work to proceed. At this time the HPPA, Whitehall Township and The Hokendauqua Chapter of Trout Unlimited are partners for the project. Hokendauqua Chapter member Dale Ott will manage the project. John Mauser is Dale's mentor. A lot must still be accomplished before any work is done in the creek.

           Dale Ott wrote this article for the 2013 Summer Newsletter. He is the project lead and is coordinating all the partticulars involved with the project. Questions or comments can be directed to him.


Almost everything is in place for the start of the project. Logs and lumber have been ordered and will be delivered. The necessary stone will be delivered to the site. Volunteers can report to the site on Monday, August 24, 2015 by 8:30AM. Lunch will be provided.