Letter From Chapter President

June 11, 2020


Hi All

     I hope this email finds you and your families well. We really haven't had any formal communications in some time so I thought that I would try to give an update on our status. As far as I can determine, all of TU activities had been either cancelled or at least put on hold by the National because of the virus. This action was taken in accordance with state and national orders. I fully supported this step. As things begin to reopen, I wonder at what point should we start to resume our activities and at what level. I don't see any of this happening in the near future. I for one am very apprehensive about being around other people with whom I may not be able to social distance. I look at our membership and find most of us are of the age that we are in the most affected group. I would NEVER want to put any of you or myself in a position where you or your family's health is at risk. So I guess we are at a crossroads. Where do we go from here. I don't have an answer. I think our best option is to follow the national and state guidelines as far as what activities and events may be held. Until we get the "all clear" signal from them I guess that we are in a holding pattern.

     We all want to get back to "normal" but I don't know if anyone knows what that is going to mean with this virus. I think the best thing that we can do at this point is to remain vigilant about our environmental issues. Stay engaged with your local representatives and let them know your feelings about their actions pertaining to streams and the things that affect them. I'm sure most of us saw the devastating affect of the dewatering of the Bushkill recently. What a tragedy for that stream. It will take years to correct the damage. Things like this should not happen. People need to be held accountable for actions like this and it's our job to see that they are. With all of us working together we can and will work to prevent things like this from occurring.

     In closing I would like to say that I would appreciate your thoughts and suggestions about our future meetings and events. I value your input in all our decisions. Take care and stay well.


Art Williams